April 2011: Dr. DiSanto-Rose is awarded Certified Instructor Status from the International Association for Orthodontics:


Dr. Gary DiSanto-Rose recently graduated from the 2010-2011 Instructors Institute, which took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A. Upon graduation, Dr. DiSanto-Rose was granted Certified Instructor status with the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) . 

The Instructors Institute is an intense one year program including a series of courses focused on how to effectively teach and convey information to students. This includes improvement of speaking skills, software management, writing skills, and general communication and presentation skills. The IAO Instructors Institute convenes every five years and invites a select group of dentists throughout the world to participate in the program. 

The IAO is the world’s largest and oldest non-specialty orthodontic association and in 2011 is celebrating their fiftieth (50th) anniversary. The IAO is excited to welcome Doctor DiSanto-Rose, along with fellow Instructor Institute graduates to the IAO as Certified Instructors.