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October is Dental Hygiene Month! We are celebrating with a special Invisalign promotion! Save $$$ and get that beautiful smile you've always wanted.

It was great to see and talk with old friends and classmates at our 40th Penn SDM Reunion. The time does fly by!

Dear Colleagues: Dr. Dennis Moren from Cobleskill and I are excited to be offering this program at the beautiful Paul Nigra Arts Center off Rt. 30 just north of Gloversville at the foothills of the Adirondack Mts. The course will be held on Saturday morning on June 8th, 2019 from 8:30 am. to 12:30 pm. (See pdf. for more details.) This program will be helpful to you if you have: 1. Wondered what dental ortho/airway problems should be treated early and when is the best time to start. 2. Had concerns about what to do with impacted cuspids and whether they could be prevented. 3. Thought about incorporating orthodontics into your practice. 4. Been doing Invisalign or thought about taking an Invisalign course, but feel you need more training...

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Thanks Laverne & Shirley ( I mean Cindy and JoAnne!)

I have been very fortunate to have such a friendly and professional dental team for so many years! Dr. Gary

Last Sat. we had a successful "Good Neighbors Day" treating over 20 patients with limited means and no insurance at the Greenwich Family Dental Office. Thanks to Dr. Soifer and Dr. Valerio. Also, many thanks to Carol Filanova,CDH; dental assistants- Nancy, Vitoria, Sandra, and Robin; office support by Jennifer, Amanda, and Kelly; and Rev. Kate Kotfila and the Cambrige volunteers helping with organization, transportation and translation. Thanks for all of your help and for volunteering to help others. We were able to schedule 21 patients from age 12 to 70+ for treatment which included over 50 restorations, a half dozen extractions, 4 RCT’s, a crown re-cementation, and 8 prophies and many radiographs. Tooth brushes and oral health supp...

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Invisalign special to celebrate Dental Hygiene Month! Call to schedule a free consultation anytime in October and you could save up to $500 on your Invisalign treatment. Go "wireless" and smile!

Early Ortho Treatment Webinar, Thursday, August 9th @ 8:00 pm EST Dr. DiSanto-Rose will discuss: • How to recognize the importance of early treatment for airway problems, habits, Class III’s, crossbites, deep bites, and moderate to severe crowding. • The significant impact that airway problems can have on the growth and development in our children. • How to understand and recognize the causes and problems associated with mid-face deficiencies in the growing child. • How to recognize the difference between brachy, meso, and doli facial growth types, and understand their significance in cranio-facial growth and development. • How to correct deep bites in children using composite build ups on primary molars • How to develop and mai...

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"Early Orthodontic Treatment: What, Why, and When to Treat" - webinar: For more info follow the link: Thank You!

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