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I want to thank Dr. Katerina Kavvadia and Dr. Andreas Acropolis for their invitation and warm hospitality for my visit to the University of Athens School of Dentistry. I appreciated having the opportunity to share my information on "Sleep Disordered Breathing and Myofunctional Appliance Therapy" with the residents and faculty of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. I really enjoyed the culture, beauty, and history of Athens and Delphi.

Intern'l Assoc. for Orthodontics Nat'l Meeting in Memphis was a great success! Courses taken: "Achieving Ortho/Restorative Excellence Through Occlusal Understanding" by Dr. J. Cranham "The Role of the Healthcare Practitioner in Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cranial Facial Pain" by Dr. Steve Olmos "Finishing to the Nines" by Dr. Jay Gerber These were just a few of the many informative programs presented. To top off the weekend there was of course some fun times on Beale St. , Sun City Studios, and Graceland!

Great course this weekend by the Intern'l Assoc. for Orthodontics New England Study Group. Dr. Baker presented info on early treatment using the Carriere Motion Appliance. We also discussed the importance of sleep, airway, and our microbiome (good bacteria) and their importance in our health and behavior. Criteria and procedures for doing frenectomies were also reviewed.

New England IAO (Internat'l Assoc. for Orthodontics): This weekend will be teaching Session III of Fundamentals of Orthodontics. Highlights feature the "Super Bowl of Ortho" review, Class II Typodont, Class II diagnosis and biomechanics, anchorage, and impacted cuspids. We have a great group of doctors and am looking forward to sharing a lot of exciting information this weekend!

Importance of Correcting Malocclusions: (paste the following link for an informative You Tube video.)

Developing the jaws to fit the teeth with myofunctional therapy. Myobrace: "The Balancing Act" See You Tube:

IAO New England Advance Seminar December 2016

On Dec. 4-6, 2016 the International Assoc. for Orthodontics held their winter advance seminar. Dr. William Hang presented his Face Focused diagnosis and how to reopen extraction spaces. I had the privilege to present numerous cases showing various aspects of orthodontics including crossbites, root resorption, forced eruption, difficult Invisalign cases, and impacted cuspids. It was a great learning weekend with a terrific study group!

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