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In May we celebrated Katie's, Jennifer's, and Fran's birthdays. I also recognized and thanked Jennifer, one of our dental hygienists, for 20 years of dedicated and professional service. Happy Birthday ladies and thank you, Jennifer!!!!

I enjoyed presenting some information on Sleep Disordered Breathing to my colleagues in the FHM Dental Society last Tuesday. We had a nice turn out. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and being able to share some very important information that can relate to many of our patients.

There's still time to sign up for next Saturdays program: “EARLY ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT AND TREATING IMPACTED CUSPIDS” 4CE credits, no obligations, and pearls you can take back and use in your office on Monday! Hope to see you there!

Afterwards we had a delicious luncheon at Jacob & Anthony's at Stuyvesant Plaza.

Guatemala 2018: Renewing friendships and sharing our varied cultural experiences! Thanks for your support.

Guatemala 2018

Great Dental Mission Trip to Guatemala-Feb. 2018

Join us at the Yankee Dental Conference-Boston!

Looking forward to presenting our hands on program, "Minor Tooth Movement to Enhance Your Dentistry", this Thursday with Dr. Rob LaRosa at the Yankee Dental Conference in Boston, MA. The course will cover: 1.Using orthodontics to erupt a tooth for crown preparation or for improving the bone for an implant. 2. Minor tooth movement utilizing clear aligners. 3.Orthodontic technique for dental trauma.